Join in the fun and festivities at DiverseWorks from July 15 - Aug 20!


Come see Seán as...

  • Uncle Sam (one of dozens!)
  • A proud American (proud of his flag and his pole!)
  • The country of France (oui oui!)
  • A subtle racist! (aren't they just precious...when they're younger?)
  • A born-again Texan (yee haw!)
  • A jazz guy (you have to listen to the notes they aren't playing!)
  • A 30's movie cliché (he's grand AND gay!)
  • An ape from the future (a damn, dirty ape!)
  • A smug tea partier (is there any other kind?)
  • and finally William Henry Harrison, 9th President of the United States (cough, cough!)


Seán is very excited to report that he'll be in two of the upcoming productions at Main Street! First, playing Alan, in "This" by Melissa James Gibson. And then a few shows later in "I Am Barbie" as Barbie's Dad! :)

By Melissa James Gibson
Regional Premiere
Directed by Steve Garfinkel

Main Street Theater -
Rice Village

2540 Times Blvd.

April 2 at 8:00pm
April 3 at 3:00pm
April 6 at 7:30pm

April 7 - 24, 2011

Thursdays - 7:30pm
Fridays and Saturdays - 8:00pm
Sundays - 3:00pm

Call 713-524-6706 for Tickets
For groups of 10 or more, please call Andrew Ruthven, Director of Audience Services, at 713-524-3622 x102