Watch Seán do his French Chef thing on the upcoming webseries "Fore!"  

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Seán's thrilled to say that he'll be working with the good folks at Texas Repertory Theatre on their upcoming production of The Lion In Winter this January/February!  Seán will play the bitter Prince Richard.  Warrior, poet and man with a secret!


Or Clarence will anyway...when his brother Richard of Gloucester kills him!   Come see it happen on stage in Main Street Theater's production of Richard III!   Seán will not only play poor Clarence, but also Sir Ratcliffe later in the play.

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Then...once we're done in Houston...we're taking it to Prague for the Prague Shakespeare Festival! 

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Here's the link for the show where you can get more info on dates and tickets: Main Street Theater

Hope to see you there!

Seán is extremely proud to announce that he's performing in the epic trilogy by Tom Stoppard entitled "The Coast of Utopia: Voyage, Shipwreck and Salvage"

He hopes you can come and see! Seán will be playing Russian literary luminary Ivan Turgenev in all three plays which will be performed at Main Street Theater in Houston, TX. This is the 2nd ONLY production of the entire trilogy in the U.S. since it's premiere at the Lincoln Center in New York with a star-studded cast.

Also, the play's director, and Main Street Theater's Artistic Director Rebecca Greene Udden is profiled in the January 2012 issue of American Theatre Magazine! Check it out for yourself below!

And come see this show! It's truly gorgeous.

Get your tickets for the first play "Voyage" here!


Come see the play that inspired the soon-to-be-released film "Ides of March"!

We're in the midst of the Iowa caucuses. Stephen Bellamy, the whiz-kid press secretary for front-runner Governor Morris, sees himself as riding high and in firm stead with campaign manager Paul Zara. Confident in his skills after a five-year rise to his current position, Stephen has seemingly made no mistakes -- until he accepts a meeting with Tom Duffy, the campaign manager for Morris' leading opponent.

Stephen's last-second decision to not inform Paul about the meeting beforehand begins a downfall with tidal-wave ramifications for both. Before you can say "Sarah Palin," the gaggle of calculating combatants is caught in a vortex of downwardly-spiraling double-crosses, finally culminating in one last, particularly nasty twist.


Friday, September 9 • 8pm
Saturday, September 10 • 8pm
Friday, September 16 • 8pm
Saturday, September 17 • 8pm
Friday, September 23 • 8pm
Saturday, September 24 • 8pm

VENUE • Frenetic Theater
5102 Navigation Boulevard
Houston TX 77011